Mining and UAV’s

Mining operations are a clear fit for fixed-wing UAV application. UAV elevation surveys in mines have been reported to cost about one-fifth of traditional ground based surveys, and take much less time. One company reported it took 5 days with ground surveys to acquire all stockpile data before calculating volumes.  With a UAV, the volumes were known the next morning. The most important benefit probably is safety; the days of topographic surveyors traversing questionable terrain unnecessarily are over. With NextGen’ s best management practices for survey grade data collection, we do not have to enter your area of operations. We launch and land safely from the periphery of your site and will seldom, if ever, interrupt your operations. The data are survey grade when the UAV lands, so you have it asap. We are accustomed to working with industry and respect your operations and safety requirements.

Dr. Paul Cooley